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01-23-2007, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by bathgate View Post
Mugerya: We can't incorporate all the youth at one time. Under the perfect scenario, one to three rookies are incorporated each year. Next year, Staal, Dubi, AND ANOTHER MAY QUALIFY. However, why can't Immonen, Baranka ,Dawes, or Callahan receive a shot this year. Is our defense so stellar that Baranka can't unseat A defenseman? Is our offense so dynamic that a Dawes Immonen or Callahan can't help. I'm tired of waiting for our veterans with no upside potential "leading the way."Renney has become a gutless coach!
I'm with you as far as this season and your assesment of the youth v. vets. I don't want to advocate rushing guys to their detrement but I just don't see hw anyone in this organization knows who is ready and who isn't. They scratch youth after promising games and send them down after solid stretches. They refuse to look at Staal for the 10 game allowance, they won't give kids enough time to acclimate and adjust to the NHL... perform right away or be damned with you. Meanwhile Malik gets a 40 game cushion.

And while I don't want to rush anyone...

Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Its not that I don't belive that we "needs" to incorporate youth this season. I agrees 100% with everything you say. Though the problem comes when there is a risk for the youth to regress if incorporated. Like if we would play Baranka and he aren't ready.
we really don't know whether or not he's ready. A 5 game stint with Ward or Roszival wouldn't handicap his career. And this is really the root of my frustration. It is so blaringly obvious that Malik is ineffective and a hinderance on this team but Renney still favors him over the "risky" proposition of a Wolfpack defenseman getting some time. This front office has nothing in the sack when it comes to making the tough decision to ultimately bench the old in favor of the new. They want the easy solution: everyone who is currently on the roster will be the answer to the problems. They also have delusions of competing for a cup this year.

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