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01-23-2007, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
I don't know about that, chosen. At the 1/4/07 Flyers game I heard some guys get excited because "Malik is finally back, he's like, leading the team in +/-. He's awesome, man." I heard the same comments last year about Roszival even though he had a torrid 2 1/2 months there in the middle. The fans were eating him up because of that one stat. He had no other stats to rest on, but that one certainly sufficed. So I think that Garden crowd mentality goes both ways. I just know what I see when he's out there and he is struggling alot this season. I could care less if he hits or not, I loved him last year and he didn't hit any more or less. He is a turnover machine right now. He couldn't cover his own shadow in the D zone. What's to like?

I'm not sure who chosen is, but I'm assuming you mean me. But I disagree that he's playing far worse than he did last season. And a few people gushing over his +/- three weeks ago doesn't change the fact that he's receiving the Poti treatment now, being booed every time he touches the puck.

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