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Originally Posted by kovazub94 View Post
My view is slightly different re. bolded - these players you listed (and not listed the likes of Kovalchuk, Radulov etc) are the ones that were forced out of NHL because they were not good enough for top 6 roles and didn't have a skill set for bottom 6 energy or defensive responsibilities (or they might have the skills for such responsibilities but playing top 6 in KHL allows them to earn more $$). The point is most of these players are better quality than those playing in AHL.

Otherwise I'd stress out that Bush is 18 while Lindberg & Fast are in their twenties.
Add Nieves.
In baseball, those are the guys you'd label as "4A" players--too good for AAA ball, but not good enough for regular MLB action. Any way you slice it though, they're not able to perform consistently at the highest level.

To your point about particular players not having the skill set to play a bottom six energy role: it's absolutely spot on, and I think it reinforces my point about Buchnevich. He's almost certainly not going to be a guy that kills penalties, or provides energy from a third line role. That's just not his game. He's going to be an offensively-oriented top-six winger, or not play in the NHL. His performance in the KHL thus far is impressive, but it has no bearing on whether he can succeed as an NHL player.

I don't think we're really in disagreement about anything. I just take performance in any non-NHL league--AHL, KHL, SHL, whatever--with a heavy grain of salt. For every one player whose performance translates to the NHL, there are five guys who don't come anywhere close. And that might be me being generous to the other leagues.


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