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01-09-2014, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
Systems don't score goals, players do.

New Jersey had one of the most boring styles in the history of hockey and their cup year they were among the top scoring teams. In 05-06 Gionta scored 48 goals and 89 moints!

Blaming the "system" for guys like Bourque Gionta Eller Briere Bournival Gallagher not producing is moronic.

Boston plays a defensive boring style and they are scoring. The Habs played THE SAME SYSTEM last year and were 3rd in the NHL in scoring. Now suddenly the system doesn't work?

Habs played THE SAME SYSTEM last year

This isnt the same hockey as last way.
Face the facts this team is scoring 2.49 goals a game avg in 2014,
last year 3.04 goals a game avg!
Stop kidding yourself.

In 2014 - 21 games out of 45 Habs have scored 2 goals or less....
So if Price wasn't sitting with a 2.22 goals against,Habs would be way out of playofffs....As i said,Price and his stellar play has MASKED this failed Jacques Martin style hockey we now play.

Systems don't score goals, players do.

Why do some coaches "systems" see them score 290-300 goals a year now.
How is it when a coach is fired ,and his team is scoring 2.4 goals a game, with same roster and with a new coach the team scores 2.90- 3 goals a game?????

Micheal Therrien team(2014) on pace to score 200 goals this year?
You want under sized guys dumping and chasing into the corner
like Martin was doing,it's dumb...You send away forwards like AK46 who throw 150 hits a year,and replace his hits with a guy who will throw 15 all year.....yeah makes sense to me too.
When it's on tape,showing Therrien telling his team ,there not
a good team ,just a grinding team.....stop playing FANCY...(no creativity) ...ya you see the result since.....Those word he spoke was during our winning streak! Since then ,you see the result.

I just told you No team in last 15 years,has ever won a cup scoring 2.49 goals a the coaches system plays a big part in this. Your down 2 goals ,your still playing TRAP HOCKEY.
LIKE jACQUES MARTIN WHO ,not only dropped attendance in Bell Centre by about 4000 ,would happly protect a 3-1 loss......

Therrien in 2014 playing exact same style....

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