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Originally Posted by ult View Post
KHL doesn't want to accept some nordic fishing villages into the league? What a surprise. The goal is to compete with NHL. Why take them if they can't compete with American cities. Can they build an NHL level arenas and get NHL level budgets? Not in a million years. Do they even want to stop being a feeder teams? No. So it's hilarious to read the comments like "oh, you don't think that my team is a perfect expansion candidate? You are doomed! And your league! We didn't want to join anyway, good luck in Asia".

KHL doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. It is the best league in Europe AND Asia. And it's moving in the right direction. No hasty moves. Getting a solid foothold in major hockey countries and moving next. Say whatever you won't, but from where I am Jokerit looks like the best candidate from Finland. Same for Bratislava and Prague. TPS, HIFK, JYP? What is this? Why would KHL need them when we got Jokerit and the best arena in Finland?

Looks to me like some people just want to create a Nordic league at KHL's expense. Create a small division and play 90% of the games within it. Do you really think KHL is that stupid?
Very amusing to read, you are pretty funny. I've been to Russia 3 times and if anything, places like Nizhnekamsk and Ufa looks more like fishing villages compared to modern western cities like Stockholm and Malmö.

You must have misunderstood me, I do not want to join the KHL (Djurgården) but if that day comes when we join (I would guess 1% chance within the next 10 years) I sincerely hope that there will be at least 3-4 teams from both Sweden and Finland so it could be interesting for us. You make it sound like I am jealous... "Why won't the KHL accept my team, buhuuu". LOL. As I said, if KHL wants to stay in Asia instead of going westwards, that's fine with me. I don't give a ---- really.

Being from a fishing village in Scandinavia doesn't mean your team is bad. We have amazing talent up here, just look at this years Juniors... #1 and #2. And how many times in a row have the Fishing country of Sweden beaten Russia in the World juniors?

Edit: And yeah, Jussi is right. If the KHL wants to expand in Scandinavia they will have to pay a lot of money so we can compete with the best Russian teams.

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