Thread: Player Discussion: What to expect from Steve Mason?
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01-09-2014, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
Even though he dropped off for a while he seems to have been more back to normal over his last ~4 games.

His position in the NHL statistical rankings has been pretty static as well as other goalies with hot starts drop off as well.

.922SV% over 33 games this year.

8th in SV% with guys over 20 starts. He was 6th in terms of guys with ~50%+ starts when he was rolling with a .930.

Those figures mean he has saved 9 more goals so far this season that the NHL average goalie would have.

His SV% since joining the Flyers is still an excellent .926 as well over 40 games. Still the best of any Flyer goalie ever with more than 19 minutes played!

22-12-4 in 40 games with the Flyers now.

I am still surprised he only has one assist so far in his time with the Flyers... the guy probably has a top 5 pass on this team! Bryz somehow had 5 assists in 99 games.

The thing with Mason I believe is he has all the physical tools to play to a very high standard all of the time... great puck handling, lightning reflexes and insane mobility. Ofc that doe not mean he will, but one can hope.
Ya but Bryz' assists came of his rebounds that would go off him and into the neutral zone lol

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