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01-09-2014, 10:29 AM
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Gus faces harder QoC (-.4 an -1 vs -.48 and -1.7) with worse zone starts (48.6% vs 52.2%) and has better Corsi On (1.66 vs -4.08) and moves the play forward (54.1% zone finish) while Mez move it back (46.6% zone finish). Mez also seems to have been pretty luck this year, 1036 PDO... by far the highest on the team. Gus has also taken 5x less penalties, he has also played less on the powerplay and still has more PPG than Mez even after Mezs game last night.

Gus beats him out in advanced stats, eye test and stats really, though the margin is not enormous ... the zone starts are telling in my mind, Mez gets hemmed in far too often in his own zone even with easier minutes.

I can see the argument for them being ~similar overall, but I think Gus is definitely better on D regardless. Mez if he gets back to his old self is a bigger threat going forward.

I get that you play the best player if they are both on the roster... and while I believe that is Gus atm I can see why some think Mez on track record.

However Mez is not really a feasible option going forward, as he will garner more cash than Gus...

If Mez stays hot I have not problem with playing him though... but he is poor in his own zone.

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