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01-23-2007, 03:03 PM
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Is this wrong?

The other night I was was called to play for a team that I've never played for before. As a goaltender you get the luxury to sub for many teams and ice time is never a problem. The phone is always ringing.

We were throwing our gear on and I couldn't believe what was happening across the room...

Buddy pulled a Team Canada sweater from his hockey bag and used it as a carpet. Most of us carry a piece of carpet to stand on as we gear up and the few that don't have one will use a towel. But a hockey sweater....let alone, a Team Canada sweater!?!?!

To me, he might as well have pulled a Canadian flag from his hockey bag and stepped all over it. Any sweater, even the beer team sweater for the club he was playing on shouldn't be tossed to the floor and trod on....but a Team Canada sweater!?!?!? To me, that is soooooooo wrong. To even do that to a Toronto Maple Leaf sweater is wrong!

I hid my disgust and averted my eyes. I didn't want to call out the guy as I've never played for this club before but was even more astounded that no one else on the club called him on it.

What I saw blew me away.

What are YOUR thoughts on it? No biggie or should the dude be hung up, drawn and quartered?

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