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01-09-2014, 11:39 AM
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Well, in some of the early games - I gotta say that players like SImmonds, for example, didn't seem to have any pep at all to get from one spot on the ice to the next. Comments about such activity were on those particular game threads too - as others immediately noticed it.

I am actually a big Simmonds fan, and even have a signed jersey (signed by him) hanging in my home office. He is one of my fav players on the team too. The example of him is just one that comes to mind this second. There were other players as such too, so I do not meant to slight Simmonds. He seems to have returned to the player we all loved from past seasons.

Back to Rinaldo... So, I get that not everyone plays fantastic every game, and there was also some coaching issues. But on some games - it just seems like some players didn't even mentally bother showing up for the game. Only way I can think to put it.

However, it is true that the expectation of what is expected of Rinaldo is lower than what is expected of other players. And, I think I acknowledged that above by stating he isn't anywhere the players of others.

That being said - I still like him. And no matter what the chatter is on this thread or others - I will still like him, for whatever weird reason I can't even explain myself I think

I just wanted to throw that out there since many comments about him are negative. That was my only point...

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