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01-09-2014, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Chief View Post
The thing that gets me the most about the idea of trading Callahan and Girardi is the underlying idea some people have that the current Ranger team/franchise is in some bad place and needs to be rebooted.

The Rangers aren't some ancient team of washed up vets and draft busts. What they are is a team that has a lot of homegrown talent, that has worked it's way up into prominent roles on the team. Some of that talent still hasn't proven to be up for the task on a consistent basis but that's part of working with developing players. The whole idea of trading for picks and prospects is to wind up where we already are with the likes of Callahan, Kreider, Stepan, Hagelin, MacD, Girardi, Staal, etc...Of course, that doesn't mean you have to keep every homegrown player but the idea, to me at least, is to build your team into a PO contender and then improve without screwing up your franchise's future. K. Russel and M. Perreault were acquired over the summer by their current teams for a 2014 5th rounder and John Mitchell + a 2014 4th rounder, respectively. Both players have had a positive impact on their current teams and could have helped the Rangers as well - and they costs peanuts. You don't have to mortgage the future or tear down the team to make the current team better.
I somewhat agree, but I still don't really see how moves like that turn them into true contenders.

They beat Chicago last night, but how about over a 7 game series even if they added players like Russel or Perreault?

So while I do think they could improve the team, I still don't think that really makes them a true contender that can beat teams who have really rebuilt, who have real top end talents, and also have already added in those Russel and Perreault type players to fill out the team.

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