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I've felt with a lot of pest and goons. The thing that kills them most is a smile.

Best way my team dealt with a pest. Other team was up by two goals with two minutes left. This guy in sweat pants was chirping the whole game, speared one guy in the stomach and even slashed our goalies stick in half. One guy took a run at me behind the net, I dodged as he slammed into the boards. My brother saw him coming and was already there behind me, he shoved the guy into the back of the net. He got up on his knees swinging wild haymakers. I quick jabbed him in the face and dropped him. Captain Sweat pants came flying in behind me and drilled me in the head with a cross check. I landed on the guy I just punched who in turned got me in a head lock. I told him "were good!" He let go, I got up and turned around to see my brother had Sweat pants by the collar throwing punch after punch in his face. Our goalie seeing all this take place, skated across the whole rink and tackled Sweat pants with my brother still firing punches, he began hammering him with his blocker. After it was all over, sweat pants was a mess, face covered in blood, I skated by him and leaned down. "Maybe you'll learn to shut your mouth." He learned his lesson.

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