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01-09-2014, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Contracts ALWAYS matter in the cap era. We have no idea what sort of moves Homer has contemplated, but been unable to do because of the cap situation. Mez is not worth his contract, at all, and with his injury history he's really not worth re-signing either. Gus is in a situation where he is worth his contract and he is worth re-signing. With all that in mind, Mez should be on the back burner in favor of getting Gus more experience.
But again, he already is on the team. Bringing his contract into the discussion is meaningless. He was acquired years ago, and while there is a certainty that different moves would have been made if Mesz wasn't here, that should have no bearing on his playing time right now. Moving forward to this offseason, absolutely. If I am choosing between Mesz at $4 million and Gus at $1 million, it would not even be an issue. I've said that since this offseason. But since they are both on the team, what do their salaries have to do with anything? Answer: nothing. You want to trade one, trade Mesz. You want to waive one, waive Mesz. You want to let one walk in UFA, let Mesz walk. 100% agreement. Have been since this discussion started. But they are both on the team. The team is under the Cap. Mesz playing and Mesz sitting in the pressbox has the same impact on the cap. In other words, their contracts are irrelevant at this point.

Edit: Blair Betts was only an "ancient" 29-30 years old when cumulative injuries affected and ended his career. So yeah, it's entirely possible that Mez will never fully recover from his several major injuries. He's only human.
Absolutely. I don't believe I ever said, nor would I say, that Mesz is going to recover and be the player he once was. I don't even think I said that he would come close to that. I think what I said was that IF he comes close to that, I'd prefer him over Gus. I also wonder why we don't have patience for a guy returning from injury who once was a good player, but we do have patience for a guy three years younger with 20% of the games played and mediocre track record during that time. That is the part I don't get.

Gus: Patience, he's good and will only get better because he hasn't been terrible in his first NHL season (which has been spread out over four years).

Mesz: He got hurt and he is overpaid so there is no point in having patience with him.

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