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01-09-2014, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by NGgator60 View Post
What leads you to believe that this team can be true contenders for the Cup? I dont think anyone considers the playoffs to be a goal, as Sather himself has said as much, so I'm not interested in hearing that we can be playoff contenders. We can ask the fans of Philadelphia what the playoffs mean without culminating in any hardware at the end.

The closest this team has come to the Cup was in 2011 when it seemed that the stars were aligned and every break worked to the Rangers advantage. I am convinced that the 2011 will remain the peak capability of this Rangers core and there has been nothing to suggest otherwise. I live in a world of probabilities and to suggest that this Ranger team could be successful if for some reason every player simulataneously peaks at the same time seems exceedingly optomistic. Not to mention that even during the magical run of 2011-2012 the Rangers were still bounced prior to the final round.

This team is critically flawed from multiple perspectives and every passing day only further removes us from our ultimate goal as core players age, regress with injury, or require a much larger allocation of our cap space. Cobbling together the core from 2011 with the hopes of recreating an ECF swoon should not be our goal or direction and simply satiates current demand at the expense of future resources. Each day that we muddle in mediocrity is a day of which we've wasted developing a team that has a sustainable competitive advantage over the majority of the NHL.
Very well said.

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