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01-09-2014, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ward Cornell View Post
Yes...everyone will be back except for Fanelli....but then Hiebert should be adding more from the '13 draft (Bracco, McAvoy, Opilko hopefully) plus a least 2 from this coming '14 draft. So something is going to have to give!
Even by standing pat I suspect the Rangers should make a big move up the standings just due to fact of other teams sliding back.(Guelph and London should be sliding back)
Next year the West may be weaker than it has been in years!
But the big question will be in net....Dekort and Greenfield scare the crap out of me at times other times I'm impressed. But this is where Opilko could be convinced to come and get 40+ games.

So that 'probably' means that 3 to 6 players will be traded to make room. (or am I missing something??)
No, you're right, some bodies will have to move. Fanelli and Marcantuoni are gone (probably anyway with MM), which opens two spots, but they'll want to incorporate at least two draft picks, one or two kids who were picked in 2013 and hopefully an American or two from that crop.

For me, the only obvious body to be cut adrift would be Teskey, but guys like Soper, Davies and Kohn will be fighting for their ice. And with only Meighan and Iafrate in line to be OAs and a desperate need for goaltending, you may see some bodies move for that.

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