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01-09-2014, 06:15 PM
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Pointing to the scoreboard is good but not when you're losing in addition to hearing crap from the other team :p

Originally Posted by Terry Yake View Post
assuming this is beer league, just brush it off and play

if they're taunting you, just ignore it and play even harder to shut them up

if they're being physical with you, take advantage of that and use it to draw penalties. and if it's getting out of hand and the refs aren't doing anything, go talk to them about it. it is beer league after all, there should be no major contact anyways

and if the situation is right and you just can't hold back, take matters into your own hands.
That's what I'd say. I'm an older guy on a team full of kids who never shy away from wanting to get into a scrap. I doubt any of them could actually hurt another player in a fight. If anyone ever starts with me I just quickly and nicely tell them that I won't threaten them but I will (use your imagination). Never had to go further than that.

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