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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Personally, I think goals should be worth more than assists. But I'm not gonna have a fit if the current system remains.
I can understand this sentiment, personally I prefer equal value of goals and assists.

Originally Posted by Dirty but Good View Post
My humble suggestions :

1. Maybe points for shots on goal for forwards and saves for goal keepers would be fun. Those stats should be pretty accessible

2. Maybe we pick a few more players too. 6 forwards, 4 d-man, 2 goalies?

Since I'm talking the talk I could keep stats for the pool if needed.
1. This would rise the general score, meaning more chance of comebacks in the standings but I'm worried that it might skew the value of goalies to heavy, better call in Appleyard and let him analyse this .

2. I was contemplating this too and that I can agree with. If we have the time I'd be up for this.

You'd be very welcome to keep scores

I'm going to do the draft order this weekend, since I have a paper due tomorrow friday, and hopefully we'll be able to start the draft shortly.

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