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01-09-2014, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
MLB prospects don't develop in the same way as NHL ones. They don't need to excel in every step of their development to become all stars.

Rosario has Reyes potential. He also has huge huge deficiencies. On raw ability, Rosario is incredible.

Cecchini is defensively average. Whether he's an allstar depends on his bat. He has a bit of pop on him. I saw ceiling as high as Jeter when we drafted him. Do I think he'll become that? Absolutely not, but the ceiling is still there.
It's not all about tools, though. Matt Den Dekker has great tools but he simply strikes out all the time.

Rosario has a lot of tools, and if he figures it out he can be definitely be a great prospect. But he's also 17 (18 now, maybe?) and years away from even thinking about making the majors.

Cecch, on the other hand, lacks big tools AND production. I still think that was an awful pick. Sandy drafted him with the hopes he had a guaranteed average MLB SS...and so far I don't think it's safe to project him to even that high a standard.

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