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01-28-2004, 09:21 PM
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Thought the same, Fish...

perhaps for different reasons. If there were to be an arena in Brooklyn (still not convinced it's a done deal), I believe there are not enough events to support the Meadowlands, the Garden, Brooklyn, and The Colisseum. There just aren't enough people who want to see concerts, tennis, and other events to keep the three viable, in my opinion. The people in Long Island may have a somewhat easier time getting to Brooklyn (by LIRR, it's a bit closer, and by car, if the traffic situation is figured out, it may be closer too, at times) and thus the Colisseum may no longer be needed. But who knows...I'm thinking off the top of my head and haven't mapped out revenues and attendances and costs and expenses to determine if my assumptions are correct, but I think it works on the back of an envelope, or perhaps a cocktail napkin.

As for the relocation argument...if the Devils moved to Brooklyn, they'd have a hard time getting a fanbase there, having most of their fans being located in Jersey and the trip from some parts of Jersey to Brooklyn ain't so fun, nor do I believe many Jerseyans will be flocking to Brooklyn, so that fanbase is gone.

The Isles, however, can survive in Brooklyn. Heck, look how many fans turn out to see them at the Garden (Jersey has a good deal too, but the trip from Jersey to Penn Station is better than Jersey, through Penn, to the LIRR to Atlantic Avenue (or the 2,3). Brooklyn's on the way to Penn Station.

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