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01-28-2004, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Bookman
... it could also be argued that last year's playoff run did more for the organization's long term health than a single late 1st rounder would, in terms of forging the team's identity, as well as building an organizational history and tradition (a winning one at that). The Wild earned some respect, which can be important down the road if and when they want to add some talent from outside the organization. The draft is one avenue to building a winning tradition, but not the only one.
I'm on board with Bookman here. Walz (with Gaborik & mitchell) was one of the players who most put a stamp on the playoffs last spring [speaking just of Wild]. I don't know how the future of the franchise will go, but probably that magic will be among the high points in our individual & collective memories, even if/when the conference finals become old hat [yawn, wake me up for the seventh game of the cup]...

and as far as Walz's relative value goes, sure, it rose dramatically after he came to MN. But just because it used to be low doesn't mean a prospect of the level mentioned [late 1st round; I saw something in Hockey News right after reading this post about jason Botterill, #20 in '94] will match the value a Selke finalist has & will continue to have for near future. There's gotta be a balance between short, medium & long term, otherwise why not ship off everybody getting near 30 for whatever they'll fetch, since probably they won't be on the cup-winning squad of the future in any case.

that said [now I'll contradict myself...] I think probably I would pull the trigger on many/most of the elders THIS year, provided a strong offer was there of course. Don't make me say who, or how much is enough...

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