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Originally Posted by loppa View Post
It bothers me to keep hearing Vityaz moving and whatnot... because I hear that from nowhere but here. I mean, I'd like it, but I don't see/hear that from anywhere.

Well, the thing is that I am not sure that Medvescak is a long term member of the KHL. I mean, hey, they are very cool right now, but are they really a long term thing?

My favorite thing about them is that they are perhaps a good comparison of say a team AHL vs the KHL. Though I suspect that there will not be such a need for this in the future...

The other question that pops up is will russian funding be around forever? The former yugoslavia is poor compared to western europe... I don't think that they have the financial means, without russian funding. One more thing that I wonder is their attendance... sure it's good now, but can they sell out an entire season in the big arena? Do people in Zagreb have that much spending power? Now, they probably don't have that spending power in many Russian places, but still, that crosses my mind.
Well they are not AHL comparison, not really, most players are above AHL standrads and alot of them were brought from EU leagues, or are not from NA. I think this is less of comparison and more of a simple NA - Russian rivalry thing.
As for the longevity of quality i really doubt it will drop for simple reason Med are really good with managers and agents, and this year they did show they can be competitive and pay on time and even bring players "to life" uping their price (Carle comes to mind). Basically they chose a good coach. This will make Med be more attractive to NA players than it was at the beginning of the season (plus the western lifestyle is a big bonus).

Ah now you brought up 2 good questions that need to be answered. What will be with financing of Med and will the Arena be filled. As for financing it is not even known how much are Russian sponsors helping. It was said the budget needs to be 10mil Euro. Med needed to find at lest half or more and Russian sponsors will cover the rest. How much they found is unknown. In the meanwhile a Austrian-russian casino sponsor came in on top of this budget with an unknown amount (not a Medvedev sponsor). Also question is if Sberbanka, which is makeing its expansion in Croatia big time is also in the Medvedev sponsor package or is it /will it be a local sponsor. Mind you by local i dont mean only croatian sponsors. And also question is how strong the ties are between Medvedev and Med management. his is the big question i cant answer. I know Med management is resourceful so that is sure to help. It will also be connected to 2 things, economic recovery of Croatia, the region and surrounding EU countries, and how Med will do business (buying cheap and selling players under contract to russian clubs as an example ). But this we will see in 3 years.

As for Arena... well in the 8 games like this it will be filled very well. 90%+ for sure. But will it be able to be filled like DS noone can really know. Arena is an event and people come from all over Croatia to be there and see it. I personally think it wouldnt drop bellow 80% if games were only there (12k average). It is definitively alot of room to fill, but again it wount be as dense game calendar as it is now or this profile (how many away games in a row how many home games in a row) after this year so people could "rest up". The price is no problem 50 kn is not that huge an amount. Its like slightly bellow 10$ that part is no problem.

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