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01-10-2014, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by TweetyLeaf View Post
Maybe so, being his first game with Rangers and all.

Oh btw, why im here as a Hawks fan is because, I like Carcillo, i still think he should be part of Blackhawks. And i absolutely hate fans, who won't give a guy decent chance but bash him before his plane lands into your city. Even worse is refusing to acknowledge decent game from the dude.

All i'm saying, give the guy a decent chance, don't judge the dude straight off, see what he can do in the long run, then decide if you still want to hate him.

Like all your other players had positive Corsi ? Come out from the stat sheet and see the games.
There's alot of guys here that are still very ********** about the beating that Carcillo laid on Gaborik when the anger should be directed to the guy that stood there watching it un-fold and kept his hands tucked neatly in his pockets.

The same guy that the board is pretty split on wether we should trade or resign (while having absolutely nothing to do with the above statement)

I like agitators. I don't mind one bit the fact that Dan Carcillo plays on/over the edge.

I like players that get emotions going both good and bad with his antics. Hockey is best played when emotions are running high.

it's amazing that guys like Carcillo were revered in NY. There's a long line of names that Rangers fans adored and now this board specifically has shown a general disdain for this type of player.

Sad really.

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