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01-10-2014, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
I suppose you buy something every time a telemarketer calls your house or you see a commercial on TV?

What coaches/GM's say in press conferences and what happens on the ice are two different things.

If Buffalo tries to play a run and run game with that squad they'll get lit up like a Chsistmas tree.
We're talking 2015-16 for the Sabres.....but at least they won't bore the fans to death in the meantime.....right??? Bottom line Murray there GM don't believe in sitting back..He is going to take the attack to the other team.

Buffalo 's new GM said he DON'T BELIEVE in 5 year rebuilds,way too long...whoa eh???Yet Montreal suckers there fans since Bob Gainey with 5 year rebuild plans.

Buffalo will likely get 1-2 pick this year and next.
Most of this 2013- 2014 Sabres team will be traded for
excellent assets......Miller will fetch a randsom at deadline.
So would Moulson etc etc etc etc....They will have the parts to play the
attack first game.

No excuse for this 2013-2014 Habs team to be scoring 2.49 goals a game avg,on pace for 200-210 goals scored(Jacques Martin numbers).It's the coaching system.....because this same coach had this same team scoring 3.04 a game last year.In the words of Linday Ruff "It's a definition of a joke! A joke""It's a joke"

If you have an aspiration of getting on the road to winning a cup in Montreal,2.49 goals for a game is not anywhere CLOSE to what it's goona take...So what it this?other than making record profits at the gate.
We're not even on the right's all a hoax...Fact is were closer to Buffalo than you might want to believe...keep watching.

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