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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Based on 59 seasons experience in hockey.

When a player or a team steps on the ice they are entitled to play in a safe and secure environment. This will not be given to the player by the opposition nor should any help from on ice or league officials be expected.

Presence and awareness

Presence. You are on the ice to play hockey. Carry yourself in this manner. Avoid nonsense suggest upthread - pointing at the scoreboard, staring contests - looking beyond the player is more effective since the message is clearly conveyed that they are insignificant not worthy of your attention, etc. Same reason why yappers should be ignored plus yapping back distracts from playing hockey.

Awareness. At all times you should know which opposition players and teammates are on the ice and how they play. You do not need a scouting report, just the ability to pay attention to little details. Example check how the butt end of each opponents stick is taped. Right at the top they are unlikely to butt end you. Lower make a mental note.

Security perimeter. You are entitled to a security perimeter within your reach. Certain inconveniences should be viewed as advantages. The light hook, jersey tug, etc. tells you where your opponent is and how he (from which side) you will be played. This will allow you to leverage situations. Learn how to use your hands and arms to leverage within reach. Watch short track speed skaters to see how a light hand touch cornering works.
I think the awareness is the biggest thing to avoid any sort of chaos in hockey. When I'm on the bench I'm watching the game, I'm watching the other team and I always know who is who. Who do I need to worry about as far as getting hit or taking a cheap shot.? Who can I mess with psychologically to get them off their game if I need to? Who are the nice guys who just want to play hockey? And who are the crazy guys that I need to avoid? Then when I get on the ice when the faceoff comes I look around and see who's on the ice. Do I need to worry about playing defense more or can I take chances offensively? Are the other guys slow or fast? Danglers? You also need to know who you have a history with. Have I taken liberties with somebody before? Does somebody want to get even with me? The total awareness seems to have helped me play 20 years of rec league and avoid any sort of major injury as a result of a cheap shot or hit. I know when I go into the corners that even though it's a no check league hockey is still dangerous, be prepared to take a hit regardless. Hockey also has some crazy characters, do not step on the ice thinking everything is cool and there is no way you can get hurt.

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