Thread: News Article: Habs fans need to chill
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01-10-2014, 11:12 AM
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Yes, I agree, the fans need to chill ..... but ....

We also need to see tangible evidence that organizational needs are being met. Go back 3,5,7, 10, 15 years and we've been complaining about the SAME thing. We're going to react this way because we don't trust anything will be done, we don't see the movement. We see new GM's make the same mistakes as the previous ones and even more infuriating is watching new GM's try and correct the bad moves of his predecessor .... only to compound them.

We couldn't sign Briere when he was worth a big contract ... so we fix that by signing him a couple years later.... not a great move.
Kaberle sucks..... must use buyout .... but then not use the capspace for anything useful. Crap... now we don't have a buyout to fix the other 2 equally bad contracts .... no leverage.

It's also frustrating because fans actually see a glimpse of what could be a great team, but the windows very small. We have 2 of the best offensive D in the league and arguably the best shot blocker. Price is actually playing like a the stud Gainey thought he was. Pleks has emerged as a premier 2 way forward capable of shutting down the leagues top players. These are elements needed for a cup, but they need more support and it ain't coming.

We're not winning a cup anytime soon. My solution. Trade/bury Boullion, Briere, DD, Bourque (he's so bad I actually couldn't remember his name for a minute or so). Call up some of that young talent and let them grow, together. if they don't we've at least got leverage with them. The team is no worse with Tinordi here instead of Cube. The team is no worse with Leblanc here instead of Bourque. Replacing Briere and DD with AHLers may make us marginally worse, but only in the short term. They are very replaceable.

Moen/White/???? who cares


This is a better lineup than we are putting out there now.

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