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01-24-2007, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
to expand, he recently started Valiquette back-to-back. I've been quite upset about his treatment of Montoya too. Seemed as though the team in front of him doesn't respond well, or hasn't played well, and thus Valiquette is getting more starts. And here are the stats:

Valiquette - GAA 2.27, 91.1% save, 23.3 shots per game, 26 games
AlMo - GAA 2.43, 91.0% save, 24.8 shots, 23 games.

The numers are significantly different, although Montoya seems to face more shots per game, so it's disappointing that Schoeny has put so much confidence in Valiquette. Perhaps he's being seriously evaluated in anticipation of a Weekes trade, who may have more value out there than losing him for nothing at the end of the year and the Rangers will have to ride Lundqvist into, and within the playoffs anyways. I dunno. You never know what this group is thinking.
The first three games in three nights segment
January 5-Montoya
January 6 7pm start on the road-Valiquette
January 7 4pm start at home-Valiquette

Second segment
January 19-Montoya
January 20 7pm start on the road-Valiquette
January 21 4pm start at home-Valiquette

Schoenfeld went with Valiquette back to back games with the 2nd game being a late afternoon game after a night of riding the bus

It makes no sense

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