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01-10-2014, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Athlétique_Canadien View Post
Totally agree with the article. Habs fans are ALWAYS inpatient. That comes with being spoiled. Some younger fans likely will be head scratching on what I mean by spoiled but nonetheless, the younger gen has been instilled with this virtue of being a fan of Le Grand Club. We want it all & we want it now
20 years and counting. 5-year plan after 5-year plan....No **** we're impatient. 1 3rd round in 20 years. Of course, if most people here aren't 20 years old...well no kidding they are more patient than the older ones...But there's a freakin limit. This is the most decorated franchise in the sport. Sorry, but 1 3rd round doesn't cut it. And of all the original six right now, we're in the same category than the Leafs and Rangers. While the Hawks, Wings and even Bruins now are at the upper level of the league. It is frustrated to see. When you keep celebrating the past and have nothing to celebrate in the know that you are not in the greatest era of your time and it has to come with frustration.

Personnally, I would have GLADLY go with 2 or 3 years of real tanking. I would have GLADLY be patient during that time knowing that chances are, we'd be able to pick it up right after and be what the Hawks are right now, hoping we'd have the right people to fix the rest. Having Timmins on board makes me believe that we would be at the top right now. Though, despite the great Timmins work, the management has been able to **** everything up. So true, there's no guarantee. Yet, we didn't tank, and the picks we had, weren't top 5 except Galchy and Price. The upcoming years would have been incredibly for tanking and put ourselves back in the game. But we'll Watch others do it, hoping that there are other Edmonton Oilers kinda of team who won't be able to benefit from acquiring Ekblad, McDavid and Eichel....In the meantime, we'll just continue looking and be average. With average success in the playoffs. And not really looking that much better in the near future. Some promising prospects for sure.....not sure about how promising the management is though...

So the only think we have left really is lower our expectations yet again, and just enjoy the sport for what it is now. Watching the Habs and supporting it. While also watching other teams and see the level at what the sport can really be with Superior players. Habs fans needs to start being fans of the game and not just the team. It might help to become more "patient".....

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