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01-10-2014, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Yeah but the fact that the Flyers pursued pretty much every big name UFA and signed/re-signed guys to big contracts and made trades seems to suggest that it has not impacted the team. It seems unlikely that pursuing Weber, Suter, etc., signing VL, extending Giroux to a huge deal, dealing for guys at the deadline, etc. have not been impacted. It is hard to argue that Pronger's contract prevented anything when they signed Shea Weber to such a huge deal. If Pronger's deal didn't stop that from taking place, what did it or could it have possibly stopped?

Sure, there are always things we don't know that happened, and in theory it is possible that there was a player the Flyers wanted to acquire but couldn't because of Pronger, but I find that hard to believe given the fact that the Flyers have either aggressively pursued or acquired every player they have had their sights on. You're going to tell me that the Pronger deal didn't affect signing Shea Weber, but there is a possibility that it did prevent something else? It doesn't add up.
We don't know that the Flyers reeled in every player they set their sights on... we just don't.

The main problem with Pronger still on the books and greatly limiting the Banked Cap is clearly at the Trade Deadline and during the PreSeason and Training Camp when they cannot use the money he is log jamming... Also there is a little matter of the Tagging Rights which was key in not offering a contract to Carle when it could have been a pre-FreeMarket reasonable one, as well as other players that had to have contract discussions put on hold. Jagr may have been signed and maybe Gagne would have been offered a contract.

This is on top of all the contract negotiations that never happened due to lack of Cap Space, as I mentioned earlier... Yes they reeled in many, but at what cost to other players they had to pass up on? Homer to his credit has been creative in being able to sign players... plus some just flat out want to come here, as Vinny obviously did... The Weber Offer Sheet definitely kept Carle at bay too. Most obvious problem is of course the TRL and I've heard Homer respond to a question asked by me say that he was upset that he was hampered by lack of Cap space and certainly would love to be able to get loaners like the other teams do.

No two ways about it... at least at some extent Pronger's contract and LTIR status is handcuffing Homer.

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