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01-10-2014, 06:53 PM
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My son is in the same hockey program as the son of one of the top guys involved in this project. Here is some of the things he has told me.

- NYC will finally get its first AAA youth program. That is one of the most exciting things for many of the people involved with this project. If your kid plays hockey and you live in Manhattan, or any of the 5 boroughs, you are either driving to Long Island or NJ. Pretty difficult for many people.
They have interest from many teams already. With all the ice available they plan on making it somewhat of a self sufficient location with 2-3 AAA programs playing out of there. This will cut down on traveling time and costs because they vision teams playing each other there. They plan on making it a huge hub for youth hockey tournaments as well.

- They will bring in an AHL or juniors team. Not sure which but it is definitely going to happen Mess is adamant about it.

- They are going to have 1 or 2 sheets of Olympic sized ice, I don't remember which he said. They want to host international tournaments and maybe one day even try for an Olympics nod. Everyone here is thinking BIG.

- As you guys already said plenty of HS and College teams are interested in coming over.

If I remember any more I will let you guys know.

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