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Originally Posted by brisbane sens fan View Post
Just wanted to get some advice if I could. I've been looking to get some new skates for a little while as I am still using my Easton EQ30s (10.5D) I got when I was learning. Unfortunately they do have a pressure point that is quite painful on the outside of my forefoot that is becoming quite debilitating. I have done as much reading on the internet as I can and eventually stumbled acorss Pro Skate in Edmonton which offer a remote fitting service for $50 (deducted from the price of skates if I purchase them there anyway so no biggie). To that end I have provided foot tracings, photos and data from my podiatrist (probably redundant). The skate I originally thought would be the most appropriate is the One.7 in a 10.5 D or E - I wasn't sure on width. Sure enough, they came back and said that the One.7 in a 10.5D should be good for me and that they would stretch some width in the forefoot. As nobody here will stretch skates I asked if this would be done by Pro Skate (they said they would) as I was concerned if there was any risk in doing this remotely??? I also queried whether a CCM skate (eg. CL) might be better due to the heat mouldability. Pro Skate have now suggested I look at the RBZ90, however, the RBZ review on this board says these skates must be tried on before purchasing. My question is, do you think the remote fitting service eliminates this risk? Further, is there much difference between the skates in terms of overall quality? The only thing they sways me to the Bauers is I can actually go try some one at the local store (they only stock Bauers).

the RBZ 90's will be wider in the fore foot then the Bauers, I normally where a wide and when I got my RBZ's they where D's, the 90's where are great fit right out of the box, but having them baked is what really made the skate for me it really took any hot spots ( there wasn't any major ones) away and gave me that custom fit

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