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Originally Posted by skoods View Post
Ugh. I was just coming on here to ask why again Holmgren traded JVR for Luke Schenn. I was just watching highlights of the 2011 and 12 playoffs and JVR was so good with so much potential that they just threw away.

One of the worst trades in Flyers history?
Every team makes bad trades and bad signings and bad draft choices and mistakes in letting players go to free agency or whatever mistake you could make. Even over the past few years I can think of some trades that are a lot worse like the Phaneuf and James Neal trades.

JVR was pretty raw at the time, to be honest. Often injured and didn't really get much of a chance. The team clearly had an abundance of forwards - Giroux, Voracek, Simmonds, Briere, B. Schenn, Couturier, Hartnell, Read, etc. - and JVR wasn't playing on the same level as the other forwards during that playoff year again likely due to injury.

A big issue in all this was the hype the Flyers had after beating the Penguins. They beat the cup favourite in 6 games on the back of an offense lead by Giroux and his supporting cast with little contribution from JVR - making it seem like he was expendable. Bryzgalov and a mediocre defense is what caused them to crumble against the Devils. Luke Schenn is a big, physical defender who hits hard and often and is still young while having played a ton of NHL games. He's no spring chicken but he's also nowhere near his prime.

Clearly, a pure offensive defender who has a reputation of being not-so-great defensively wasn't fixing anything other than adding a blue chip defender to the roster so it looks good on paper and the asking price was obviously more than just JVR. Try JVR+Couturier+.

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