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01-24-2007, 03:33 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by dave4 View Post
Listen I haven't heard the interview, and maybe if I did I'd be as convinced as you are. But I just can't imagine radio hosts accepting him saying this garbage when they haven't actually DONE anything they're talking about.

I mean, when he was talking about the rebuild, did anyone ask how claiming a 32-year old Jason Krog off waivers, and having him center the second line last game, and giving him more ice time than Petr Prucha, fit in with the grand rebuild? Did anyone ask him why Immonen isn't playing, when a bunch of no-talent older losers are? Did anyone ask about Renney overplaying a 38-year-old Shanahan so early in the season, and playing him so much on the PK, LIKE RENNEY SAID WOULDN'T HAPPEN, that he's already burnt out, and there's still a long way to go?

Maloney can come on and say whatever he wants. I guess the next step is Al Trautwig throwing softball questions at Sather during an 'exclusive' Isiah Thomas-like MSG interview.

But like someone said, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding sucks. And from what I've read here, Maloney is lying about the pudding too, to make it seem better than it is.
ALot of these points such as Prucha's ice time, Shanny's ice time, Krog on the 2nd line are not rebuild issues, but issues concerning Renny's coaching decisions which, IMO, have been very lacking..And I don't think Maloney is going to comment on that...

Maloney's take on the organizational philosophy seems consistent with Renney's in that, though a kid or two might have been ready at the start, they both wanted to leave the kids in Hartford to learn more and develop more..I think they made the right decisions and now the kids are ready and better and the Rangers are ready to use them (maybe)...

And of course, Maloney is going to practice GM-speak, they all do..I have no doubt the Rangers are looking at a 2nd C via trade even if he doesn't play it up...ANd I agree with him...Dubinsky, though he may be able to contribute in the nHL is probably better served in Hartford and IMMO is just not a 2nd C..heck I don't even know if he's 4th line C with his lack of speed, energy and physicality...

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