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Originally Posted by Larry Melnyk View Post
Obviously, as I mentioned in my previous post, they do agree on the overall philosphy of the organization....I also don't think that is the problem....What is separate is that ice time, merit benchings/promotions, line combinations and resulting chemistry are all Renney's doing..I don't think Maloney and Sather play a role other then accepting Renney's decision...If you want to blast them for that, I agree....

I'll admit that part of the overall problem has been the lack of 1-2 youngsters providing energy and young legs.....I think Management knew that but did what's best for the lomng term development of the kids ...ANd I agree in every instance except for the use of Pock..Now the kids are better, playing great hockey, and even more ready... And the Rangers need them..Some should play...

As far as validating, ..This year was never gonna be the year where the kids skated all over the ice.....The funny thing is that many Rangers fans just want the Rangers to play the kids and show patience, but that is exactly what they are doing--showing patience in their development, even if it meant maybe not doing the best thing for the NHL team.
I agree merit benchings, line combinations, chemistry, etc., are all Renney's doing...and he should be fired because the team is horrible in all those areas. But ice time has to somehow correspond with who is getting called up, they can't come up and then barely play because Renney trusts Hall more than he trusts a kid. Then why have kids at all? And if Renney is not going along with the program, then find someone who will.

I don't know about the kids are getting better and playing great hockey, until that happens here it's just part of the BS Sather is handing us through Maloney. They're not playing better until they're playing better. Here.

I'm willing to watch them play poorly before they play better. But until I see that, with the track record of this management team, I'll believe it when I see it.

Sather has been here six years, not six months, and has developed virtually nobody. And we're all supposed to believe help is just around the corner? Sound more like a management team covering their butt than a management team that knows what it's doing.

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