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01-11-2014, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Radek27 View Post
Obviously because he's my favorite player.
Mine too. He has the best hands this game has ever seen, hands down LOL.

He didn't pile on the points here, partly in fact that they tried pushing him to be like Federov or Bure in the skating department instead of using him for what he was.

Funny about things like this, best player discussions, rarely is it considered that if he had Lang and Straka in NY, he might've been top 3 in this thread.

If he had Colin Campbell and John Muckler picking his line mates, he ends up being scoffed at over the notion that he should at least be in the discussion.

Then again, Bure should also get mention. If he doesn't get the last injury, he hangs on a gets to a few hundred more goals for us.

Not worth mentioning, really- because it did not actually happen. But I totally feel ya brotha, it's an argument I've had to sit under for a loooong time now.

So while Kovy and Bure (and also Jagr vs the pre-1980 guys) may have (arguably) been better wingers overall, they just weren't as stat-piling while they wore Blue.

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