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01-11-2014, 01:20 PM
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As a former global mod, I'll weigh in with this:

There are always two sides to a coin. Both sides are generally represented on the boards. You always see trolls from each perspective. You always have egotistical posters, etc.

What I see is a combination of things:

1) The Predators are struggling
2) Many posters with an eye for hockey strategy will present their opinion that calls for changes
3) We have an extreme group of loyalists that are dogged in both their pursuit of correcting every opinion and belittling other posters in a subtle way.

People don't come to be belittled. They come to discuss a team they are passionate about. Unfortunately, discussion is being killed quite thoroughly by a few posters who can't see past their own trumped up opinion.

The sad thing is, their is truth to both view points. But. If one side is agressive/bullying, it ends debate which is what these boards are for. I think you have seen a lot of our more rational, thoughtful, and intelligent-hockey posters leave over the last year or so due to this. I know that I can barely respond on these boards of late outside of a few game day posts.

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