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01-11-2014, 01:25 PM
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Youth RBZ

Aireye, you may not be able to answer definitively on this, but since you seem to be the go to guy for skate fit AND RBZs, I'll ask anyway. Will the youth RBZ follow the same general rule of thumb about dropping a size? Do they generally fit similarly to the adult? By that I mean, in your thread about skate sizing, you say this regarding the RBZ

Wide boot, larger/deeper/wider toecap
Round, deep anatomical heel pocket
Deeper boot

Would that still hold for the youth?

For example, my son currently is a 13.5 in Supreme youth. He still has a bit of time in them, but is running out of steel. So, I was thinking about going to a 13 or 13.5 RBZ to try that skate out while I can still get a youth skate and it will only cost me $150, before having to shell out $400 for a skate I'm not sure about.

Any insight, even educated guess, would be appreciated.


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