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01-11-2014, 02:34 PM
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Guess the score | round 1

I'd like to start a new game on here. Before each Habs game, i'll open a thread and what you need to do is basically guess the score of the game. Format for answers:
Final score: x-x
SO: YES/NO who scores the game winner.
Habs scorers and how many goals each:

Points will be given as follows:
Guessed the correct exact final score = 5 points
Guessed the correct goal difference to the winning team = 2 points
Guessed the correct winning team = 1 points
Answered correctly if there is an Overtime to the game or not = 1 point
1 point for yes/no and 3 points if guessed the right SO game winner goal.
For each right goal scorer you get = 1 point

A case scenario to better explain:
Say Moen in Glory guessed a Habs 3-1 win and the final score was indeed 3-1, and say he guessed that the scorers will be Maxpac*2 and Gallagher, he will be given 12 points for:
5 for exact score
2 right goal difference
1 correct winning team
1 no OT (because 3-1 can't have OT)
1*3 for all right 3 goal scorers

A few rules:
*You can only X goal scorers if you said the Habs will score X goals.
*Bets will be submitted and accepted until 5 minutes before the puck drop of each game.
*I will count the points of all users and update an online excel table after each game.
*Please do NOT spam this thread, for any questions, please PM me.
*If you place more than one bet on a game, I will only count the latest one!!!
*Winner might get a prize <3

First game is: Chicago @ Montreal.

Place your bets !

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