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01-11-2014, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Nostradanglus View Post
Thanks for the replies! There is a lot of good stuff here.

I am mostly happy with my reaction in not feeding them and concentrating on the game. I also wrote the league co-ordinator and gave him a heads up. Apparently they have a bit of a record with this stuff.

It is in a summer development league (in Australia). I am in my late 20's and these guys looked late teens / early 20's. It is the lowest level of hockey I play. Some kids that are on the team are 15 and us older players are meant to act as mentors to them, talking to them when off the ice and setting an example in general. For me to see this at this level of hockey was pretty dumbfounding.

I think in the future I'll probably stay the course of just focusing on my game whilst knowing when pests are on the ice. Pointing to the scoreboard would have made a lot of sense given the situation and will do that next time as an example for the kids on my team for what to do if they are ever targeted.

Their attempts at mucking about after the play were not very worrisome, it's just I remember when I was skating up into the play through the neutral zone as the trailer, slipped by one of them (who was not facing the play at all and had his legs really wide to catch my knee) and just realised after some contact to my leg that I thought "Holy sheez, did that creep just try to take out my knee??).
Curiously, where are you playing?

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