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01-24-2007, 08:04 PM
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Why ask a question if I already gave the answer.
Because it the essence of what we're talking about.

May I remind you the Kings got a complete new staff ? Why did you think Cloutier came to the Kings ? Not because he was such a great goalie....because Crawford loves him. If Crawford didn't trust on Labarbera for this season than what can you do about it...he's the coach and responsible for the results. Why did the Kings acquire a scrub like Thornton ? Why did McCauley came to the Kings ? Lombardi might have something to do with that ?
Yes exactly and all of those are poor asset management.

Are you really so naive that you think certain coaches and GM's don't have their own favorite players ?
The question is not whether or not those players are favorites, but whether those moves were good moves.

No that was NOT your point. To send him down was a mistake but it's not a mistake they won't call him up and THAT was your point.
My point was and is that you don't see a guy like that to the minors if you have plans for him because now you can't recall him. If I didn't explain that clearly enough that's my own fault, but my main point is that all of this is very poor asset management.

Wow, 5 freaking games and as goalie of the Hartford Wolf Pack in the AHL where he put up more than solid numbers.
7 years gives you a pretty good indication of what you've got, especially if you actually watched him in the minors for 4 or 5 years and didn't just say "Hey he's got some numbers".

He is what he is, a potential NHL backup.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think Labarbera is the next best thing but I do think (and apparently the Kings staff now too) he deserves a shot.
I think he is a capable NHL backup. But I believe if you're looking for him as a bridge, he's not the guy you send to the minors and I also believe that you also don't go that far out of your way for a backup goalie who is only seen as a bridge under the best of circumstances.

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