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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
1) that was a Lavi problem. His plan sucked, he didn't adjust it for months after it failed. When he began adjusting it, it got better. Berube has completely overhauled it and the same D corps is doing just fine...funny how that works. And no, Streit suprisingly isn't really a factor there. If anything he often looks lost trying to get the puck out of the D zone...he's nearly made some very costly errors behind the net when pressured. I didn't expect that, but it's often been the case.

2) The team produced less offense when Carle was on the ice than Coburn. Carle's GFON/60 didn't support him as an offensive Dman, at all. Carle wasn't all that special in the offensive zone. If anything, his complete lack of shot made him a detriment because teams knew they only needed to defend the pass. Also...imagine this team with Carle and Yandle instead of Coburn. My God, there would be no defense. There's more to a D corps than just offense.

3) When they made the trade there was zero way of knowing for sure there would be an amnesty. They had to prepare for the possibilty of having Bryz for a longgggg time, and that meant defensive dmen.

4) And for the millionth time, you're very clearly using hindsight. At the time of the 2011 trades we had holes to fill on offense...and no way to do it outside of trades. The defense was completely set and was expected to be set for at least 2-3 years, giving them some room to work with. Pronger was still around. The offense was the driving need at that point. Addressing the defense would have turned us into something resembling Nashville. The forward group was the bigger concern, as was the prospect pool. The trades just happened to fill all the holes in the roster at forward...convenient, huh? Almost like Homer tried to make it work that way. If Simmonds doesn't come back, who would be in his spot right now? There was nobody to plug in, and not enough cap room to go to FA.

Homer tried to get a dman from LA but it didn't happen. He can't hold Lombardi down and waterboard him until he trades the guy.
1) It was a problem it was due to lack of ability of the defenseman to move the puck.
All Burube did was to compensate for our lack of PMD by changing the scheme even more.
This defense corp is playing better, but as a whole it compares unfavorably to teams with a PMD and #1 Defensemen.

2) Carle was the 2nd best defenseman available when Sutter was UFA.
Broadstreet Hockey certainly has a different point of view on Carle, than did the Lightning who saw value and quickly signed him.
You still had Grossman and Timonen and a defensive defenseman could be acquired for 2nd round pick if needed.

3) Bryz as reason for trading for Schenn is weak excuse for bad trade, IMHO.
I do not think the Flyers should have traded for Schenn, he is the wrong style of defenseman for this team.
We could have had a defensive defenseman for a lot less than JVR.

4) I take exception to the fact that the defense was fine in 2011.
Just because you have 6 NHL players does not mean its an OK defense.
Pronger, 37 years old, out injured with possible concussion.
Timonen who is 36 years old and will probably start to regress in his ability.
In addition there was: Coburn, Carle, Mezaros and Grossman.
My problem with their plan is that they did not plan for the future, their prospects were not future NHL defensemen.
They brought in a goalie (not really--BRYZ), but failed to address the medocrity of the defense.
Your top 2 defenders are getting older and the team needs to plan for the future.
I did not know Mezaros was going to be injury prone and a shell of himself.
But, I did not feel Coburn was the answer as a PMD, he was a better defensive defenseman.
I did know that none of the other defenders looked like a #1 defenseman.

Given the fact that the Flyers draft forwards well, I would have preferred to go the Nashville route.
Solidify the back end first, then solidify the forward corp of the team.
If we have to fill the front end with AHLers so be it. Atleast we have the hope of better days ahead.
My 2 cents is simply: Why the insanity? Why do we build the team the same way that failed for the last 35+ years?

I understand that Flyers goal is to win the cup every year and they try to build the team with that goal in mind.
The problem is that the team got younger in the front end, and not in the back end.
The fact that Holmgren ignored the defensive issues just over the horizon, and gambled that the defense
would be fine tells me all I need to know. He is not the GM to fix this team.

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