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01-11-2014, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
For all of the complaints that the team doesn't score enough ... where are the complaints about allowing four or more goals 17 times so far this season ... winning only two of them? Another 8 games allowing three goals ... another two wins. That is 25 of 46 games allowing at least three goals (more than half for the math challenged) ... losing 21 of them. 21 of 27 losses came in games where the team allowed at least three goals which shows a glaring issue and not the one that gets complained about here most of the time.

Scoring two or more in 30 of 46 games ... three or more in 21 of 46 ... is meaningless when the team continually gives up too many goals. Once upon a time this was a team that could win 2-1 games ... now we need to score at least three for a reasonable hope to win. Maz has three starts with less than two goals allowed ... his one goal tonight and the two shutouts in November. 7 of his last 10 starts featured three or more goals allowed by Maz meaning our skaters need to net at least four to give the team a chance to win most nights.
We need to fix that issue too, but most people (myself included) see that as an issue that will resolve itself to at least some degree with the return of our world class goalie to replace our AHLers. Also, that issue is relatively new, while the goal scoring issue goes back just about forever. Also, we see young players in the pipeline who can help a lot defensively. Forwards...a few bright spots, but no cure-alls.

Yes, GA is an issue as well, but playing Maz/Hutton instead of Rinne will do that. Our scorers are healthy and we still can't produce, have never really been able to produce, and have nothing in the pipeline that leads us to believe we will be able to produce in the near future.

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