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01-11-2014, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
Fair post 101.

The reason Gaustad and Nystrom are leading in points is because they scorer dirty goals. It isn't skill or goal-scoring ability. It is playing hard, in your face hockey.

Stalberg can't shoot.
Wilson is a playmaker.
Borque is more of a Nystrom type scorer than Hornqvist.
Hornqvist is a guy that does his work as a Holmstrom type; his shot velocity is too weak anywhere than up close.
Weber's shot has the most power but is inaccurate.
Smith is probably the only true offensive player that has the instincts/drive to score goals.
Legwand is a playmaker.
Fisher is a 2nd/3rd line tweener, not a goal scorer.
Ellis isn't trusted in scorer's role, and 2nd PP unit underutilizes his transition game (but Weber/Josi/Jones....what are you going to do).
Forsberg is in Milwuakee and will not play a meaningful role until he picks up the assignments in a dump/chase offense.
Legwand is a sneaky scorer but he has always been a complimentary player. Not a primary scorer.
Cullen is a PP guy, not an even strength scorer. He always has been.
Spaling is a third line grinder, despite the minutes he gets.
Clune - agitator.
Hendricks - PKer/minute eater.

What can you say .... We suck at ES goal scoring because we have 0 goal scorers and few players that are anything better than complimentary scorers (if that). We have competent hockey players and tweeners, but no elite offensive talent.
Looking at our roster ... Fisher is once again on pace for 20+ goals. Smith is on pace for that plateau as well. If we keep getting PP opportunities, Weber could reach that level too. Based on the usual 120-130 players scoring 20+ in any given season, we're not looking too horrendous in that respect. The bad thing is Hornqvist off pace after averaging over 24 in the three seasons before the lockout ... Stalberg, a one time 20+ scorer nowhere near on pace to reach that level ... Legwand off pace for his usual 18-20 goals ... our grinders are scoring ES goals while the allegedly better scorers struggle 5on5. It's easy to say that any player nets the goal scored by Gaustad against the Ducks but how often have our players had similar chances and either missed or tested the durability of the crest on the goalie's jersey? We didn't have elite offensive scorers when we were the top PP%, 10th in 5on5 goals, and 8th in overall goals ... but everybody filled their role. This season that isn't happening.

We have "grinders" doing their jobs every night. We don't have "scorers" showing up on a regular basis ... the goaltending is decent (not great) for backups but not starters ... the defense has repeated lapses that hang the inexperienced goalies out to dry. The perfect storm for a frustrating season.

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