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01-25-2007, 06:21 AM
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What happend to the "pack hold broadway audition" thread? I can't find it, not even merged into another thread.

Anyway, I have been thinking some about the possible actions Renney can take with the kids from HFD.

Up front I have to admit that there are very few options that I feel warm about. Dubinsky as the 2nd line C, nah, I don't really know. Cullen would have to really pick up his game for that to work. Its possible that they would be stuck in their own end allot. I thougt about Dubinsky on the left with Cullen and Shanahan, I would actually like that more. Dubi would get a all offensive role, that line would be slow out of their own end, but once they created pressure Dubinsky could concentrate on the offense.

Otherwise I have a hard time seeing any of the kids beeing a good fit on the 2nd line, they are all kind of snipers and would get the same kind of problem Prucha have had there. Korpikoski is the one who would be the best fit, but there would also be a big risk with playing him there, if he didn't score, which defenitly isn't gauranteed playing with Cullen and Shanahan, it could hurt his confidence big time.

On the 3rd line, Callahan could slide in next to Betts and Hossa. He would bring some energy. But then I wonder if Prucha aren't a better fit. I am just not all that hot on Callahan there, could be worth a shot though, but would bring nothing major.

On defense I would like to see Renney auditioning both Girardi, Baranka and Lampman with Rachunek. I am glad Kaspar is gone, we got 4 candidates, one of them ought to be able to fill that spot.

Though back to the offense, this is a crazy idea, but its one that I belive in. If we are gooing to try something that makes sense on all accounts, that kind of solved all of whats fundamentally wrong with how this team is put together, its to play Dubinsky with Straka and Jagr.

1. Straka-Dubinsky-Jagr//Dubinsky aren't ready to be a 2nd line center, I agree with that. Why? I think there is a big risk that he would be marginalized, I think there is a big risk that he would have long slumps. I think he also might have some througly bad nights. How can he then be ready for this line? Nylander have avg. 14.39 minutes of ice time 5 on 5, he would still man the 1st PP unit, and the 2nd line would play more then they have in the past. Dubinsky would play around 14 minutes per game in this role, its not as extremely big role as it might look. Dubinskys biggest problem is in the transition game. Nylander have played a really big role on this line in thoose aspects. But JJ is really good there too, so is Straka, Dubinsky would get tremendous help in the aspects that he is weakest in. In terms of style Dubi also is a great fit on this line. He is big, he creates room, he loves to park behind the net and set up players, he is a puckpossesion player who would develop chemistry with Jagr. This line would not be as dominant as its with Nyls. But Dubinsky would defenitly score around 0.8 pts per game. They might have huge problems against the best teams, especially NJD, but that have Nyls had too.
2. Prucha-Nylander-Shanahan//What we lose by taking Nyls away from the 1st line we would defenitly gain on the 2nd line. First of all I think we might get Prucha gooing with Nylander, and Shanahan too. Shanny is strong in his own end, and while defense might be this lines biggest weakness, they would controll the puck allot more then Pru-Cullen-Shanahan ever did, and therefor not be as vounerable.
3. Hollweg-Cullen-Ortmayer//Wheter its Cullen-Krog-Orts or Holly-Cullen-Orts we gets more scoring on the 3rd line.
4. Hossa-Betts-Ward//We also get a extremly good 4th line. That in certain types of games can play a much bigger role if needed.

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