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01-12-2014, 01:31 AM
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2013 Warrior Covert DT4 LT OPS

I needed to pick up a new stick for my kid and ended up grabbing the Warrior Covert DT4 LT for myself to try the W28 Yakupov curve.

I put the Warrior W28 up against the Easton E28 and it's pretty much identical all around. It's a true to curve, similar to the P92, but instead of curving in the middle, it curves near the toe. The rocker is also different, as we discussed in the big E28/P14 thread.

I got the 75 flex senior stick, which is a bit stiffer than normal as I usually go for 65-70 flex intermediates. The stick is a hair whippier than rated, but it's still stiffer than I like when cut down. It should be okay though.

The weight is on the heavier side compared to a top end stick, but it's lighter than most price points I've felt, listed at 485 grams or so. I have a Nexus 600 which is listed at 515 grams and the difference is very noticeable. The balance is a lot better. Not top end good, but for $99 it's fantastic.

Once I cut it down and taped it up, I tried shooting some pucks in my basement. The curve is very intuitive for me. Cup the puck, aim, and fire. I have struggled to find a curve that matches my shooting style.

First impression is that it works really well for the quick snap shot that I like to take, which is cupping the puck and a quick release toward the target. Because of the curve near the toe, you can cup and fire off the toe without fluttering as you would have on a P92 or Drury curve, and the little rocker near the toe seems very natural as you draw the puck across the body, allowing the bottom of the blade to be flat on the ice (unlike the P14 which is toe exaggerated).

Anyways, shots went to the upper corners easily and could still be kept down. I will likely still have my misses high and wide, but I think it might be more predictable than the Drury and a little easier to control.

After shooting, I tried some stick handling with a wooden ball and a golf ball. Most price point sticks have terrible puck feel. This one so far might be good. The blade seems a little thicker with a 12k wrap and I'm guessing (hoping?) some decent foams inside. Compared to my Covert DT2, it actually seemed to deaden the feel slightly, which is much better than the bouncy ceramic feel of most cheap sticks. Hard to tell until I get on the ice, but it may have more of a wood like feel which is fantastic at this price. I'll update after I test it tomorrow.

The only downside seems to be the weight of the stick, which is great for the price point but not so much when you're spoiled by good sticks. Too much weight means I won't use it in games, but hopefully this is light enough to look past it. I felt while stickhandling a bit more fatigue set in and a little more sluggish movement compared to the high end sticks.

What feels like a standard Warrior stick with straight walls and rounded corners. It has a gloss grip with no texture. The finish is similar to the old Coverts and this particular one is black with white accents. Nice look to it.

Tomorrow I skate in the morning and night so I'll have some good impressions after then. Here are some photos comparing to a Warrior W03 (P92 type):

W03 left W28 right:

Same thing from a little higher angle:

Profile of W28 top and W03 bottom:

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