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01-29-2004, 12:43 AM
True Blue
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Originally Posted by rangers
My God. Awful...just awful
About the only way to sum it up. How could this team be so woefully unprepared to play this game? Any tiny feelings of well-being after the Florida game are instantly replaced w/ nothing but disgust.
I could almost care less how the 3rd period goes. The fact that this team is so lackadasical against the 2nd worst team in the league is simply inexcusable. The fact that this team cannot play hard in a game like this is all on Jackass. I friggin' cannot take this crap anymore. How the eff' can Jackass simply allow this to go on? How the eff' can a 'Caps team that is w/o Jagr, Bondra, Gonchar & Konowalchuk be simply beating this team like this?
And another thing. You just simply cannot allow Doig to simply take his next shift like that. You cannot allow a team to walk into your building, hit your best player, and then provoke him into a fight. Especially when said player is Lindros.
This team is an absolute disgrace and Sather should just hang his head in shame. As should EVERY member of the so-called team. Every effin' one of them.
How the eff' can Dolan simply just watch this? I could care less that he knows next to nothing about hockey. It does not take much effin' knowledge to see what is going on here.
This effin' team is simply DISGUSTING. Time to flush the crap down the toilet where it clearly belongs. Starting w/ our President/GM/Coach.

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