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01-12-2014, 04:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
Wow, thanks! I had no idea, I've always assumed French-Canadian and European French were the same.

On the point of pronunciations I wish the announcers would do a bit more research on the European players' names, some are pretty butchered for no reason. Some names are difficult for English speakers to get right (like Forsberg, Syomin and Fyodorov), but others wouldn't be hard at all:

Selšnne: SELL-ane, not Sel-AAne

Landeskog: Lan-de-skooogh, not Lan-de-skogh

Hagelin: Haag-el-een (like Aladeen from The Dictator ), not Hag-el-in

Those examples shouldn't be hard at all to get phonetically right for an English speaker if they knew the correct pronunciation.

Though I think many of the Swedish players like their anglicized pronunciations and don't ask their announcers to change.
The Americanized versions of those names sound way sweeter than their (apparent) real pronunciation, though!

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