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01-25-2007, 09:45 AM
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jagr is selfish

i can't believe people are saying it's acceptable to be just an cherry picker, from the captian, nonetheless. to be a leader, or to earn the "C", one has to atleast set the example on the ice, and more importantly show the young kids (i.e. prucha pock, immonen..etc)what it means to be part of the rangers. he does not of that. yes he had a great year last year, yes he's an offensive threat. but how well do his actions rub off on others.

for instance, if he hustles and back checks, or even sticks up for another teammate, maybe it rubs off on someone else. then all of a sudden a light goes off, and a team starts to develop fire and desire. it is a chain reaction and everyone on the team is not only building character, but chemistry as well. now, what happens if he doesn't hustle, he sets a very poor example for the younger guys, PERIOD. i mean what is it going to take for him to hustle his butt off and back check, and to stick up for his teammates. i know he isn't getting any younger, but hell, i would take graves over him any day. while not the most talented, graves played with more heart than 21 jagrs combined. i mean what kind of example is jagr setting for the young guys on the team, "ohh its ok if you have a ton of talent, just don't hustle and make the other guys backcheck for ya and let them play defense".

and being a captian or any type of leader means that you play while your hurt, and not whine like a baby. if you are hurt and can play, then play, but don't use, "i'm only 85%" as an he very well may be hurt, but when you are out there on the ice, whether its 20 seconds or 20 minutes, you play with intensity and you play with heart, and the desire to win.and if he did that, i would promise you it will spark a fire under alot of players on the team. i don't care if jagr scored 100 goals and had 200 assists, he is not a team player, and quite frankly, i believe he is all about [I]his records and his stats[I]. i know its unfair to compare anyone who wears the C to the likes of messier, and everyone has a different way of motivating their teammates. some are soft spoken, while others fire the team up through their own actions and words. then there are some captains who just do none of that. now its hard to really know what is going on with the team, since none of us are in the locker room, but it seems clear that the jagr does more bad than good. his actions do not lead, nor motivate, and as a repurcusion, that hinders the development of the team (long term). i know he is not going to get traded, b/c then the management would be clueless on what to do next. and as far as the powerplay is concerned, i'm not surprised that renney wants to do something new. its simple, if something doesn't work, you try to change it, and see where it can be improved. and it seems like jagr doesn't want to do that. that right there alone should only reinforce the fact that he is not willing to change his game, even a little bit, to help improve the team. no it's only about him him him. it's obvious i don't like him. so read this if you want. but i just needed to voice my opininion on the matter, for whaetver its worth. its a shame that shanny can't lead the team without the fustrations of an overpaid, lazy and truly selfish player like jagr. this team has a lot of potential in hartford, and while we as fans will have to be patient, i will remain optimistic. unless that is they trade prucha, in which case i have to throw my tv out of my apartment window.

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