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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Not at all. In April, when they were winning with an AHL D and blowing the tank, they started winning because Lavy changed his system to be more like the one Berube is using now. A team game. It all comes down to whether you want to stretch pass and try to score with your Fs vs. their D, or try to bring the puck up as a 5 man unit to keep your D in the offense.

I think Homer gave Lavy a chance this year, because of the injuries, but also hoping he would keep the more simple, structure system he was forced to use with guys like Schenn, Gervais, Gus, Lauridsen, Huskins, Manning, Konan and Lilja on D. They won BECAUSE Lavy abandoned his system, not because he stayed with it.

As soon as they tried to go back to it this year, the players didn't believe in it and the result was they sucked. The players weren't buying into the system. As soon as they removed the problem, a coach who had a predictable, risky system no one had any faith in, they started to improve.

He didn't give Lavy a chance this year. 3 games is not a chance. They were looking for a reason to fire him after a sluggish pre-season and 3 losses to start the season. A lot of what's happened has happened because there was no possible way Giroux, Simmonds, and Voracek all became >40-point players overnight. Just like how Steve Mason wasn't going to keep up a .940 sv%. Generally the same things that allowed them to win games in April: they simply weren't bad enough to be a bottom-5 team.

I was not against changing the coach, but the events that led up to firing him didn't lend to the team being very confident that it was going to work, or even it being a decision that was Holmgren's and Holmgren's alone.

As far as your point that they played "a team game," disagree. That's too much of a blanket claim. What was the entire 11-12 season? Especially after Pronger went down (which in a new discussion, would be the record of every team hitting the skids after Pronger is out of the equation). Aside from Voracek, almost every player was either a rookie or had their best season.

I really like the job Berube is doing. He's got them playing good, sound hockey. He doesn't panic. He makes good adjustments in game, most of the time, which is something you could never say about Lavy.
And in 2010, change Berube to Lavy and Lavy to Stevens and you'd have generally the same sentiment. I don't think Berube is an idiot, but he's getting too much credit for watching the percentages turn, and his system isn't that drastic from what they were already doing. If we're saying these things about Lavy, we can't ignore that Berube was also part of the "worst training camp ever"

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Do you think Peter could handle the cold in Winnipeg?
Better question: Can Winnipeg handle the heat?

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