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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
11 of the first 26 games (Thanksgiving and earlier) saw the Preds get shutout or score only one goal .. they won 13 of those 26 in spite of scoring one or fewer goals in 42% of the games through that stretch. Since then, the team scored at least two goals in 75% of its games (not shutout, scored one on five occasions), yet won only six of twenty. We're getting more consistent scoring over the past 20 games (6, going on 7, weeks) but we're not getting the wins. This team lost four games when scoring 3+ .... three of them since Thanksgiving.

This team hasn't been able to win the low scoring games ... period. We depend upon the 3+ goal night to win ... a level that few teams in the league average in any season. It's a developing trend ... we were winless last season when scoring two goals, and pulled it off only twice so far this season. Good teams don't need a great scoring night for a chance to win ... they can compete in tight games. This year's Preds squad shows an inability to do that.
Do you think this team is good? Your saying if we play better defense than improving our scoring we would be closer to a playoff spot? Trotz would you say is more of a defencive coach than offencive one? Then shouldn't this team be a better defencive team? What improvements would you make?

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