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01-29-2004, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueAndWhite
First off, no where ever did I state that the Leafs had a great defense, let alone a good defense. I have not made a comparison of the Leafs defense to that of the Senators, Devils, Flyers, Wings, Avalanche ONCE in this thread or anywhere on ANY HFBoard.

I was not talking about anybody besides Pilar, but of course mr. genius over there, decided to go with the whole stereotypical Leafs defense totally sucks rant and blasted nearly everyone of the Leafs defensemen, and UNFAIRLY so.

I love the way you casually mention that McCabe is very good and so is Klee. As well, the easy dismissal of Kaberle's offensive production.

It's become so damn cliche for someone to spout off anyone of the following, the minute anything positive is mentioned about anything even remotely associated to the Leafs.

Let me give you the refresher course;

1.) The Leafs have not one a cup since 1967.
2.) The Leafs have an entire roster of old, over-paid, over the hill players.
3.) The Leafs are the dirtiest team in the history of the NHL
4.) The Leafs have no youth and no future what-so-ever.
5.) The Leafs defense is the worst among any playoff team.


Its funny when a fan from a team like "Edmonton" would insult a team that year after year is 20-30 points better than them.

Heck "Edmonton" is the Montreal Expos of the NHL, draft a player, wait until he becomes decent, not be able to afford to pay the player, trade the player for picks.

From now on I'll call them the Edmonton Expos

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