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01-12-2014, 12:40 PM
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using the 2009 roster as an "anchor" for this rebuild serves what purpose? The team had finished last overall, Tavares the prize, they only have Tavares, Okposo, Bailey and Nielsen from that team.

So what we're saying is, four years later, the team has almost ALL new players and they are still a bottom five team?

And this whole "boo-hoo" UFAs didn't want our money - well, for each contract a UFA signs, there are MANY OTHER TEAMS that also get a "no thank you" That's just an excuse.

If UFA is unavailable, then maybe a trade?

Wang won't pay.
Isles don't have the assets to trade.
Drafting and developing needs to be PERFECT, and it's not, on ANY team.

This is a cycle of faillure.

And of course the team's improved. How do you not improve from last overall? And top five picks since 2008? c'mon.

All of Wang, Snow, Capuano and his staff have failed at some level. Nobody should look at themselves and say "well done"

Most of the players have failed as well.

But the team has some bright spots: Tavares, Vanek, Okposo, Nielsen, Visnovsky, Nabokov, Hamonic, Cizikas, Martin, Clutterbuck - all work hard and are effective, playing at/above what we can expect. I'd put Bailey in that group as well, but that will upset many but see my post in the "bailey final straw" thread that details his output versus our expectations/needs.

This Isles team has improved. Their prospects are far better than in 2009. But they are still a bad team with may holes.

Improving is relative.

If you had a GPA of 1.0 and double it to 2.0, that's improvement. But still nothing to be proud of.

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